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Marbles: the Brain Store: Products & Services

The Marbles: Brain Store is an entertainment and a learning store for our brains.  The inventories consist of games, toys, books and software, which train our brains and improve our concentration, while generating new brain cells.  It’s the games are meant to challenge your brain and make it automatically re-generate the brain cells needed to do the tasks. 

There’s something special about the store, in that they have found a healthy method of learning with the ability to engage our brains and diminish the symptoms of health disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer.

Products Improve:

Marbles: the Brain Store: Company Background

The Marbles: Brain Stores are located on both coasts of the USA and near the great lakes, just across from Canada.  They have a family night every Thursday at all of the stores, and visitors are invited to play with the games and accept a dare from someone in the group, no matter what age.  The reviews are impressive, shoppers are raving about the products.

There are stores located in the following states:

Marbles: the Brain Store: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Marbles: Brain Store Online Customer Reviews

Resellers Ratings

Great. I got the product I was looking for at an excellent price and the delivery was extremely fast."

"Fast delivery. Exactly as ordered and a bonus magnet too. Great product selection and many items I haven't seen at other stores. Love Marbles! Great place to buy birthday, grad, grandparent, kids gifts! "


"I love, love brain teasers and word games."

"Great fun to play the games and sharpen the mind."

"A definite treasure for any future gift shopping."

Scholarly Lions Education Blog

Last Friday, a few teachers went to the opening of a new store in the Topanga Mall called Marbles.  The premise behind Marbles is to provide activities that will stimulate the brain, grow brain cells, and keep brains of all ages healthy.  The first store opened inChicago, and they branched out towards the East Coast. 

Marbles: the Brain Store: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Marbles: Brain Store is listed with the BBB and currently holds a rating of A-.  The company was registered on the BBB in June of 2010 and has been doing business since October of 2008. 

  • It’s a LLC listed under the category of Games, Supplies, Internet Shopping. 
  • This rating is assigned to the Chicago store and over the past 2 years, there have been -0- compliants about the store, its services or products. 
Marbles: the Brain Store: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa in ranking at 261,749 for three month period with SEOs sending visitors directly to this page.  The site is highly popular for east coast users.  The site is visited by users, while they are at school and work.  A sign that many educational organizations are purchasing merchandise from store, although there could be a few shopping freely online.  

  • The most common profile for the users are educated females with children, earnings over $60,000 a year. 
  • Could it be the brain cells regenerating.
  • Almost 80% of the online shoppers located in the USA.
Marbles: the Brain Store: Social Media Presence

Marbles: Brain Store knows its customer.  Each of the pages are set up to talk, listen and read, whether it's a page, a video or their own blog.  Online users will find Marbles: Brain Store on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • They have a blog page with listings of new product, customer feedbacks and latest about Marbles Brain Store.
  • Facebook has 3841 likes followed with 176 people talking about the store. 
  • The Twitter page has 3518 Tweets, 1588 following and 2004 followers.
  • Online shoppers can visit the YouTube page for Marbles Brain Store and pick from a selection of product videos.
Marbles: the Brain Store: Website Security & Safety

Marbles: Brain Store has been monitored by Goggle safebroswing over the past 90 days :

  •  -0- lists for suspicious
  • -0- intermediary infecting of other sites  
  • -0- host of any type of malicious software site

Google ranking page shows -0- for the Marbles Brain Store.  The site does state that they enforce protections when accessing customer information.

Marbles: the Brain Store: Pricing & Packages

The Marbles: Brain Store prices are so affordable.  These are great gifts for friends, who enjoy playing games.  Marbles Brain Store will even gift wrap your order for a single dollar.  You read correctly, the costs is only $1.00.

The Brain Tickler helps the brain to refresh itself, by massaging the pressure points and stimulating the nerve endings with a relaxing movement that releases natural endorphins that make you feel happy.  It’s a head massager for $14.99.

The Spooner Board is balancing board that can be used on ground surfaces to emulate surfing movements without getting wet.  The board is an America inventor’s idea to help a beginner or an expert perfect their balancing act on a moving board.  It’s listed for a retail price of $49.99.

The Modus is targeted to work the front lobes of your brain.  There are 24 tiles that can be formed into different game boards. The three levels of the game, allow the tile functions to change when the tops or bottoms are showing.  The cost of the game is $19.99.

One of the most popular products is the Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot.  The game is set to improve your memory, concentration, creativity and analytical skills.  The point of the game is to increase the interactions of brain parts by combining reading and applications at the same time.  The game is similar to playing an instrument, where you multi-task, which is a great brain workout.  All of this for just $13.95.

Marbles: the Brain Store: Shipping Rates & Policies

All items purchased online and being delivered to the states where a Marbles: Brain Store is located will be charged tax according the state’s requirement.  Normal shipping takes 3-5 days with shipping costs being quoted as business day – Monday through Friday.

  • Shoppers can select from US Postal Priority, UPS Ground, USP 2 day for next day delivery.

Canada orders will ship with a 5 day delivery.  Canadian orders may be subject to customs fees in the form of taxes, duties, processing or brokerage fees.

Free shipping is offered with orders of $100 for the continental US only - exclusions are Hawaii and Alaska where shipping fees will be added to the order. Canada is also excluded from the free shipping offer.

Marbles: the Brain Store: Payment Methods Accepted

Marbles: Brain Store is accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover and America Express. The site states that they do monitor the use of credit cards to prevent fraud and protection for the online shopper.  Shoppers need to make sure the billing and shipping addresses are correct to prevent delayed processing or shipping. 

  • Marbles Brain Store site also accepts purchase orders from schools and business.
  • Orders of $100 or more will shipped for free. 
  • Less than $100, need to add $11 for shipping.
Marbles: the Brain Store: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Orders can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund.  All items must be returned in unopened original packaging.  Shoppers need to include a copy of the packing slip and ship the package to:

If shoppers are located near a physical store, online purchases can be returned at the store.  The same conditions apply for returns to the store.  Shoppers are responsible for return shipping cost and there are no restocking charges.

Marbles: the Brain Store: Product images & screenshots
Marbles: the Brain Store Coupons
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